Social Dish

Save Money - Make Money!

Social Dish - Join the Movement! Save Money + Make Money! 50% to 90% off local deals!

While they have yet to debut (sometime in March 2011) they will offer deep discounts to local stores, restaurants and services. Read what they have to say:

What does SocialDish do?


Think of us as a friend with connections. Every morning, we email you an exclusive deal - huge discounts on everything from fine dining to upscale entertainment in your local area.

Enjoy a three-course meal or an evening at the theater without worrying about your bank account. Explore the places,  people, and the food that make your city unique with SocialDish daily deals. Our great deals are only half of the reason to be a part of SocialDish.

Potential to save, potential to earn.


When a friend you refer signs up for SocialDish, you earn a percentage of every deal they purchase. The same goes for their friends up to ten levels deep. There's no limit to how many people you can refer and earn from. There are no up-front fees so there's no risk to being involved. There are no sales quotas and no tracking necessary. The potential earnings are endless.
You share the deals, we share the rewards. It's really that simple.

Click: Welcome to SocialDish

Here is a screen shot of my referrals so far. An easy way to keep track. It's so fun to watch it grow. Can't wait til the deals start coming in.

While this may not produce a lot of money, a little always adds up! Who knows, maybe this will really surprise you. With the site yet to debut you can start at the top. The more and more people talk, the more and more referrals you will get...the more and more money you will make!

And then invite your friends!

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